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Your Dental Practice: FlexiPlan, Questions Answered

Setting up a dental healthcare plan kick starts a regular inflow of money to your business, and promotes patient loyalty.
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Setting up a dental healthcare plan kick starts a regular inflow of money to your business, and promotes patient loyalty. The future cannot be written, but it can be influenced.

However, as with any new thing you haven’t used before, perhaps you have questions. We’ve answered some of the most common ones below.

Q- How does a dental healthcare plan promote patient loyalty?

A – A signed up patient is making a financial commitment to your practice; one tied up with a self-commitment to visit regularly. The more frequently a patient visits, the more comfortable they are with your service – and the more likely they are to continue visiting in the future. Patients may also be more inclined to use your service in a comprehensive way, rather than just check-ups.

Q – I’m not sure my patients would sign up; won’t it be more damaging to my practice if it doesn’t work?

A – The only way to find out what your patients want is to ask them. You may be surprised. If for whatever reason FlexiPlan doesn’t instantly take off, that’s okay – you don’t pay until it pays. To give it the best start, we’ll have already sorted out all of the promotional literature and trained your staff.

Q – How many patients can I realistically hope to have on my plan?

A – This can vary between practices, but you should be able to sign up between 10-20% of your patients. The ultimate figure depends on the buy-in of your staff and the support of your administrator (this is us, and you’ll have as much support as you need).

Q – Won’t I lose money by discounting products and services?

A – This can be seen as a sliding scale. Discounting adds value to your plan, encouraging sign-ups. Over time, as sign-up numbers rise your businesses’ finances will level out (or be better).

Q – How will I keep track of my plan and patients?

A – You don’t have to. Or at least you don’t have to put in any hard work to do so. As your plan administrator we’ll give you a monthly breakdown of new joiners and collected payments. There is also dental specific software created to assist with the admin of a healthcare plan.

Q – Could my plan include emergency insurance?

A – Accident and emergency dental insurance is included as standard, at no extra cost when using FlexiPlan.

Q – How quickly can my plan be up and running?

A – Once you’ve signed up we will put a launch plan together so we can fit your desired timescales. We will factor in time for the production and approval of your literature and training for your team.

Q – How can you afford to run my dental plan at such a low cost?

A – Most other providers only offer payment plans; that’s all they do.  As you probably know, we provide a variety of insurances and financial services for dentists. This means we can afford to be flexible in the way that we price our payment plans.

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